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ebook Feast Your Eyes

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'Feast Your Eyes'

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  • Why do your eyes crave food?
  • The secret to really healthy eating
  • Full of recipes that help you to see well again

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'Feast Your Eyes' e-book. 

With a lot of recipes and including eye-strengthening exercises. 

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ebook Feast Your Eyes
If your eyes are not healthy , it will affect your whole life. Pain in your eyes, dry eyes, allergy complaints and blurred vision: it makes you grumpy and tired. Drops from the doctor help for a while, but the problems often return quickly. And more serious than before. Serious ailments such as macular degeneration and glaucoma are becoming more and more common.

Radically different food

It was the same with me. For years I suffered from itchy, tired and bad eyes. But when I started eating radically different , everything fell into place. I am overjoyed that my eyes are now well nourished, shiny and healthy.

Massively misinformed

How come your eyes are so weak ? The answer is: because they are hungry! We almost all walk around with major shortages , because we are massively misinformed about what good nutrition is. In the book 'Give your eyes a living', together with nutritionist Tanja Stevens, I explain exactly how this works and we give tips on how you can start feeding your eyes right now.

Balanced recipes

In this e-cookbook you will find information about really healthy eating and many well-balanced recipes to lick your fingers . Don't put off making your eyes healthy again and order this e-book today!

"GOLDEN TIP: recipes & health information book!! How often do I not get the question for a cookbook that also provides health information? But it must be manageable. Very difficult question because none of them provide the basic knowledge about what nutrition does for you and especially where to get it again. But now it's here!!!
An e-cookbook by Tanja Stevens from Gezond Gestel and Karin Hogenboom from VolZicht has all this. Easy to read, clear and feasible recipes that are especially delicious and with knowledge about your health! Also discover what food means for your eyes, a world will literally open up for you."
Charlotte Van Loo-Jungblut -

The Makers of the Cookbook


My name is Karin Hogenboom . Three years after I started VolZicht to help people see better without their glasses, I came into contact with Weston Price 's nutritional principles through a lecture . At the beginning of the last century, this dentist visited fourteen uncontacted primitive peoples all over the world. There he made startling discoveries about nutrition. Since then I have been fascinated with applying his advice, both for myself and my family and for my clients in practice.


My name is Tanja Stevens . Food fascinates me. There is so much to discover! What I like about it is that you can influence your own health every day. I've come a long way before I came across Weston Price's path. Because I always try everything , I was able to experience firsthand how well this way of feeding yourself works. I see this in my family and as a naturopath and nutritionist in my practice with the people who follow my advice. The peace that arises in a well-fed system is a relief.

The Contents of this Cookbook

  • Tips that tell you how to start feeding your eyes properly right away
  • This is how you get healthy intestines and this is the effect on your vision
  • The secret to proper nutrient absorption
  • Where do you get fair food from?
  • 73 balanced recipes to lick your fingers!
  • Richly illustrated with beautiful color photos
  • After payment you can immediately download the book and get started!

experiences of others 

"I suffered from a bloody eye. After the nutrition tips from this cookbook, the bleeding disappeared after 3 days"



"Read it and I am very enthusiastic. Very nicely written and beautiful recipes. Your passion for good food radiates."


Ymkje Kuipers van

"Some time ago I ordered your book and it's fantastic!! I've already made many recipes from it and I love most of them!"


Elenore Vermeulen 

"I have already ordered and looked at the book. Super beautiful and full of information!"



Miranda van

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